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Site5 Internet Solutions is a privately-held California-based corporation, co-founded in 1998 by Matt Lightner and Rod Armstrong, two former webmasters and internet enthusiasts who both survived through poor experiences with web hosting and decided it was time to try to forge their own. prides themselves on their hard-earned reputation for reliability both in customer service and support. Site5 is committed to these ideals of high-level service and support, innovation and positive experiences.

Since Site5’s inception, it has been one of the industry leaders in reliability and innovation. was one of the first four licensed Cpanel distributors, and has always served as a leader in web hosting software innovation. Site5 has been routinely recognized by industry critics as one of the most reliable names in hosting, won several awards from hosting review outlets, and is often noted for its innovations in terms of technology and software.

The Site5 Healthy Hosting Advantage

No Overloaded Servers: High-end servers, low number of customers per server, and 50% less fat
Our current hosting philosophy is based on guaranteed performance. While other hosts may try to cram as many accounts as possible on shared servers, we have used our years of experience and the technical analysis performed by our technical gurus to determine exactly how many accounts we should be putting on any given server. In addition, we are continually upgrading our hardware platforms to be among the best in the industry.

Each top-of-the-line server we now use could easily handle an insane number of clients, but we still keep the numbers low. It helps us sleep easier at night.

No Outsourced Support: Our team knows us, knows webhosting and knows how to help you
Yes, outsourcing support can save a lot of money. But nothing is more infuriating for a customer than dealing with a support technician that doesn’t understand the problem or has a failure to communicate. We are proud to say that in our seven years of doing business, we have grown a great team of dedicated staff members, all as in-house employees. Each is fully trained to know our company and services inside and out, fluent in English and has excellent people skills.

No Gimmicks : This one is pretty simple. We have no hidden fees. We don’t sell our services on gimmicks, trendy offerings or misleading information. We pride ourselves on offering no-nonsense high-quality web hosting with unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

You will receive all the features you pay for, and they will all work. The amount you see on your invoice will be the amount you will be billed. When you sign up, you can keep paying that price as long as you are a Site5 customer.

A No-Hassles 45-Day Money Back Guarantee : If you are ever dissatisfied with our service or feel we haven’t lived up to our Healthy Hosting philosophy, we offer a 100% money-back refund for a full 45 days! There are no questions asked, no red tape to cut through.
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service within the money back guarantee period, simply notify us and your contract fees will be reversed. No advanced notification required, no paperwork, no red tape, no catches whatsoever.

A 45 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to the following services only:
* Reseller Hosting
* Reseller Cloud Hosting
* Shared Web Hosting
* Shared Cloud Web Hosting

A 15 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to the following services only:
* Unmanaged VPS Hosting
* Managed VPS Hosting
* Cloud VPS Hosting

If you don’t hear back from a team member within six (6) hours, we will credit your account.

Any technical support request that is submitted through our specified support channels is guaranteed to receive a response within six (6) hours. Please note that this does not mean that our average response takes six (6) hours (it is, on average, usually within minutes.) If a response is not given within six (6) hours, a $1 credit can be requested (per ticket).

Home Grown Features That Make Hosting Your Website Easier Than Ever!

Near the farm where we grow our beautiful, organic, grass-fed servers there’s an ornate workshop, hidden amongst the foliage of a forest of magical technology. It is here at this very workshop that our team of highly-trained Elves toil over gloriously unique features for each and every one of our hosting accounts.
Even if our features fail to impress you, just remember to ask yourself: how many other web hosts employ elves?
Perhaps the best example of a proprietary Site5 application is your Backstage interface, an account portal that lets you access every single feature of your Site5 service from one place.

Site5 is Green!
For every new hosting account at Site5 we will plant one tree! We spent a lot of time researching other options for offsetting our impact, including Renewable Energy Certificates, and feel like we’ve made the right choice. Lots of other companies are offsetting some of their energy use with RECs. At this point, however, the effectiveness of those certificates is unclear, and the purchaser’s actual energy use is still almost entirely generated by greenhouse gas producing fossil fuels. If better REC options and/or new options for purchasing renewable energy become available to us, we will eagerly take another look.

Here at Site5, we pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible and, since our founding in 1999, we have worked hard to keep our operations efficient and to limit our impact on the environment. We also understand we can’t eliminate that impact, so we work with several organizations to counter what we can’t avoid.
One Tree Planted For Every Hosting Account

In the mean time, the trees we’re planting have a clear and cumulative effect on the environment and on greenhouse gas levels. The average tree inhales 26 lbs of carbon dioxide per year and exhales enough oxygen for a family of four for a year. Trees also reflect solar radiation back into space and increase cloud cover, both of which help counteract global warming. We have partnered with MokuGift and the UN Environment Program for this project. Planting trees through these groups has the added benefit of teaching sustainable agriculture in impoverished parts of the world.

Green Employees
All of our systems are designed around a remote workforce which is the greenest possible option for a company. This means that we have no office or computer equipment to heat, cool, and light year round. Perhaps even more importantly, none of our employees ever have to drive to work. Our employees work on their own computers and in their own homes, which is far more efficient then having them drive to a separate space and use an additional set of computer equipment.

Green Company
We are proud to say that we are virtually waste free as a company! Thanks to our remote workforce, we produce none of the waste that comes from a typical office environment. The only waste we haven’t eliminated is a small amount of paper which is recycled, and this is due to our bank, and a few other organizations we work with, not being completely paperless yet. Once they go paperless we will not generate any physical waste!

Green Servers
The vast majority of the impact Site5 has on the environment is through the electricity our servers and related equipment use. Luckily for us, with today’s energy prices, being green and being cost effective can go hand in hand. We are constantly working to reduce our costs and our impact by leveraging new technologies to lower power consumption, using natural DC cooling technology, and using virtualization software to scale efficiently.

Site5 provides you with unlimited disk space for your website hosting needs. The way we can give you generous amounts of disk space is easily explained. The average cost of hard drives, keep getting lower and lower. So, in turn, we want to pass these saving along to you. This way we are sure you have enough storage space for your website files.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Bandwidth is the amount of data that you are able to transfer between your website account and the visitors of your website. Site5’s unlimited bandwidth offering allows you to never worry about exceeding your bandwidth limitations!

Site5 provides you with all the information you need when it comes to both novice and expert topics in developing your website. The wiki is a searchable database of some of the most common questions and support issues. The community forums give you a place to ask other clients and staff members questions in public, to get the quickest help possible. Also on the forums you will find official maintenance and outage notices. It is important to Site5 that you are given up to the minute information about any outages, maintenance or any other server side details you need to know.

We also give you uptime reports, using Site5’s custom-built monitoring service, and tools to check your server’s current network status too.

If you are still having an issue you cannot find answered elsewhere, feel free to contact our support team. Our team of web hosting experts are more than happy to help you around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. For quick questions and answers you can discuss your web hosting issues with our live chat team. More complicated or in-depth issues are resolved by submitting a ticket to our help desk.

Cloud Web Hosting
Is designed to keep downtime for your email and websites to an absolute minimum. It is targeted at businesses and consumers who need a very high level of uptime but don’t have a large IT budget to spend on complicated load-balanced, multi-server solutions. It is perfect for web sites that are not busy enough to need the increased hardware resources of a VPS or dedicated server but still would like to have access to enterprise grade hardware and uptime.

Cloud hosting is ideal for small online stores, affiliate marketers, budding entrepreneurs, web designers, photographers, small businesses, or anyone who needs the peace of mind that can be found with enterprise class web hosting.

Address :


303 S Broadway, Suite 200-341

Denver , CO 80209

Work  :- 888.748.3526
Fax     :-  +1.925.478.3115

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