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Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
I am very dissapointed with the functionality of the weebly creator and the email system in ipower….the starter plans for those of us who are trying to start a small ecommerce business is horrible…can’t add the simplest of options to items..i understand you get what you pay for but they would still be getting the fees for sales if anyone could actually place an order with options..i planned on upgrading to business or pro plan after a few sales but i plan on using a better company in the future..would not recommend ipower and or especially weebly to anyone….pure crap to scam you out of money a bit at a time…
amerijudge (mario@m…)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Terrible – Terrible – Terrible
I been a client for ipower.com for over 3 years. I recently underwent a process of consolidating accounts and the failed miserably. They messed the accounts up, the pointed to files to the wrong domains and for the pleasure i got charged over $500.00
Bob Remsing (me@w…)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Long term customer but I’ve had enough
Terrible system. The damned thing crashes at the worst times. Every year I need to deal with a crash. You can’t talk to a human, so they have a chat system. You wait for 20 minutes or so for the privilege of talking to someone via chat who lies to you. Later, when I complain about the lie they tell me I must have misunderstood. What lie? “Within the next hour your service will be restored”. Pretty clear to me what my expectations are after that statement.I am forced to look elsewhere. I have no time for this crap, but apparently I must. I wish I could just find an e-mail provider who could handle my domain, provide me with service without all the drama.

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Editorial Review

At IPOWER, they are listen to their customers and implement changes based on their feedback.

They Customer Experience team do monthly surveys and monitor customer satisfaction and find out how they can improve.
They are constantly looking for newer and better ways they can serve their clients. They leverage their position as a top webhosting provider to forge strong partnerships with industry giants, such as Google, Yahoo and others.

Ipower offers lots of tools to help you create and edit your website. Here is a list of some services:

Design & Professional Services
Web Concierge
Professional Services
Premium Support

Credit Card Processing using PayPal and iPayment

Disk Space and Bandwidth
Additional Disk Space
Additional Bandwidth

Scripting and Databases
MS SQL Database (Windows based servers)
MySQL Database (mainly Linux machines)

Web Site Management Tools
WebSite Creator Premium and E-Commerce by CM4all

SiteLock Basic

Other Services
Site Backups and Restore

Note: Since they are all owned by Endurance International Group, exactly the same services are also offered by:
EasyCGI ( www.easycgi.com/product/services.bml?service=marketing )
webstrikesolutions.com ( www.webstrikesolutions.com/product/services.bml?service=marketing ),
Fatcow, ( fatcow.com/product/services.bml?service=marketing )
IpowerWeb (initial hosting brand for IPOWER),
Netfirms ( netfirms.com/product/services.bml?service=marketing ),
Ipage ( ipage.com/product/services.bml?service=marketing ),
Dot5hosting ( dot5hosting.com/product/myservices.bml?service=marketing ),
Domain Host ( domainhost.com/product/myservices.bml?service=marketing ),
Blue Domino ( bluedomino.com/product/myservices.bml?service=marketing ),
Pow Web ( powweb.com/product/myservices.bml?service=marketing ),
PureHost ( purehost.com/product/myservices.bml?service=marketing ),
Start Logic ( startlogic.com/product/myservices.bml?service=marketing ),
Hypermart ( hypermart.net/product/myservices.bml?service=marketing ),
freeyellow.com ( freeyellow.com/product/myservices.bml?service=marketing ),

ipower.be and ipower.eu are different trademarks used in Europe by separate business.

Data Center

Ipower is sharing the same datacenter in Boston, MA with EasyCGIDot5 and few other companies.

Control Panel

Using vDeck which is stable and easy to use.


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Web Hosting
Domain Services
E-Mail Services
Reseller Programs
Control Panel
Contact Support

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2800 28th St, Ste 205

Santa Monica , CA 90405

Tel 888-511-4678

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