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About Ez Web Hosting

EZ Web Hosting Inc has been providing advanced, straightforward hosting solutions since 1998, and has quickly risen to leadership in the web hosting industry due to our customer-focused mission: to make hosting reliable, helpful and easy!
Making it reliable

All our equipment is carefully chosen to ensure maximum uptime and performance for your sites. EZ Web Hosting Inc uses superior quality servers with dual quad core processors, 12 GB of RAM. We use high-performance hard drives setup with raid 10 to provide increased speed and data security.

Our connectivity is provided through a highly redundant network path that optimizes the routing of all data. Our network optimization is enabled by probes, which allow us to automatically route data along the best path.

Making it helpful

Customer service is the single most important key to a successful hosting experience, and EZ Web Hosting Inc goes the extra mile to provide it. Technical support is available 24 hours a day via online helpdesk, live online chat support and emergency pager.

Our average response time to a support request is less than one hour. Our technicians are knowledgeable and friendly, and are willing to help you in any way possible.

Making it easy

Fast sites and terrific customer service is rounded out by an offering of tools that make it easy for you build and maintain your site. We offer the very best control panel interface, cPanel , which allows you to easily manage your scripts, e-mail, subdomains , statistics, and more. To help you build a professional site for your personal or business needs, we offer the ez site builder.

Our primary mission is to make your hosting experience a pleasant, rewarding, and-above all-easy one. To that end, we have constructed our services and offerings to meet your needs in every way.


The strength of any hosting provider rests on its network reliability – and our network is so reliable that we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Take a look at the way our network and datacenter is set up, and you’ll see why we are able to stand behind our promise.
Fully optimized network routing

Our network optimization is enabled by probes, which are sent out automatically at fixed intervals and measure latency and packet loss for each path. Our system analyzes this data and automatically reroutes data so that it travels along the best path.
Premier network providers

Our optimized network routing is supported by our choice of multiple, top tier providers to provide redundancy at all points along the network path. Our providers include:

Time Warner Telecom

Superior equipment and hardware

We choose only the best equipment and hardware for our servers, datacenter, and network. All data is sent through high speed Gigabit Ethernet Fiber and Cisco Catalyst switching equipment. There are four diverse fiber paths feeding 5 OC-48s, 1 OC-12, and 1 Multi Gigabit Ethernet Ring of data and voice services. This provides you with a fast, reliable and redundant connection to the internet.

To serve your data, we use high quality servers with dual P4 Xeon 2.4Ghz processors with 2GB RAM and high-performance SCSI hard drives.
Carefully planned datacenter environment

Our datacenter is situated in a state-of-the-art environment to protect and deliver your data. Here are some details:

+10,000 square feet of antistatic raised floor space


1.5 Megawatt Cummins Diesel Generator with 24X7 fuel contracts in place.
Three-225 KvA Liebert uninterruptible power supplies with multiple battery strings.
Dual DC power plants
Flexible power options to include multiple configurations of AC & DC.


4 diverse fiber paths feeding; 5 OC-48s, 1 OC-12, and 1 Multi Gigabit Ethernet Ring of data and voice services.
Carrier Neutral

Security and Monitoring

Multiple levels of internal security
24 x 7 onsite staff
24 x 7 facilities monitoring
Card key access systems
Video surveillance


Separate cooling zones with over 100 tons of cooling delivered by Liebert HVAC systems
Environmental Monitoring Systems maintaining constant temperature and humidity
Under floor leak detection ring

Fire Suppression

ECS Series FM-200 based fire suppression
Separate protected area zones
Dual stage detection system
Ceiling and in-floor based detectors

Our Web Hosting Plans Offer You Everything
You Need To Build And Run A Successful Web Site…
First Month $1!

Try any of our excellent hosting plans for just a dollar. Order one month pay one dollar and use your new hosting account for a full month. Test our fantastic support, your new site builder and control panel. See for yourself how rock solid and super fast your site is on our servers.

If after the month is over you decide not to use our services you can cancel and not only will you not be charged for canceling we will even refund your dollar!

You have absolutely nothing to loose and a fantastic web site to gain.

Reseller hosting

With the tools and the support we provide, we make it easy for anyone to operate their own successful hosting company. Whether you’re a design firm or a startup business looking to get into web hosting, we have plans to meet your individual needs. Your cost is relative only to the number of clients you obtain, removing any true risk of loss to the reseller. You can charge your customers whatever you wish. To sign up for our reseller plans, click here.

Reseller Plan Information

The reseller account is $24.95 a month. It includes all the features of our professional web hosting plan. The server names and control panels are anonymous so your customers will never see Ez Web Hosting. As far as your clients know your company is their hosting company. We provide you with everything you need while remaining behind the scene. You will be billed once a month for the accounts you acquire based on the discounts listed below. A reseller account comes with a reseller control panel that you can use you manage your resold accounts in real time. When you receive an order for web hosting services you simply login to your reseller control panel and create a resold account for your client in real time. You have full control and we are there if you need help with anything along the way.

Your reseller account includes:
– Unlimited storage
– Dedicated IP
– Flash support
– Unlimited bandwidth
– Server Side Includes (SSI)
– Real Audio/Video
– True domain name
– Unlimited domain parking
– Pre-configured Java/CGI
– Unlimited subdomains
– Unlimited MySQL databases
– Myphpadmin
– Unlimited POP3 email accounts
– 50 virtual FTP accounts
– Full CGI access
– Unlimited mailing lists
– Anonymous FTP
– PHP support
– Unlimited autoresponders
– Access to raw logs
– Perl 5, TCL, C++
– Unlimited email aliases
– Detailed site statistics
– Python, C
– Unlimited email blockers
– 24 hour system monitoring
– 60+ auto install programs
– Web mail system
– Nightly backup
– FrontPage support
– SSL Secure Server
– Backup power generator
– Dreamweaver and MS Publisher
– Shared SSL certificate
– Password protected directories
– Custom error pages

Resold Account Information

Resold accounts come with their own space, bandwidth, and control panel. They do not take space from your reseller account. All resold accounts include an anonymous end user control panel. You get a discount based on the number of accounts you have. For example if you have 5 resold professional accounts your cost per account is 22.50 per month. If you have 28 resold professional accounts your cost is only 17.50 per account. The charts below show your cost per account per month at the 5 different discount levels.

Virtual private servers are ideal for sites that have out grown a shared server or need more control. With a virtual private server you get the kind of control, configuration, power and accessibility that you require. You fully control account setups, software installations, user modifications, and data backups. All plans include CPanel/WHM to make account/server management a breeze.

Dedicated servers

Ez Web Hosting managed dedicated servers are ideal for sites that have out grown a shared server or need more control. With a dedicated server you get the kind of control, configuration, power and accessibility that you require. You can fully control account setups, software installations, user modifications, and data backups. A dedicated server is a complete server just for you and your site/sites.

Address :

Ez Web Hosting

4633 Welborn Dr

Sherrills Ford , NC 28673

+1 828 478 9186

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